Woke Entertainment Replaces Real Entertainment

The movie industry has been awash in woke films, but what happened to real entertainment? Why is the movie industry ignoring its core demographic? The answer is simple: woke films cater to a minority that isn’t really interested in the content, and they lose touch with the vast majority of audiences. The problem is that woke films aren’t necessarily more entertaining – in fact, they often fail.

The liberal media, which has been rabidly anti-gay, has been trying to make the world a more equal place for women and minorities, have tried to lather IPs with cringe-worthy “wokeness” to fit their own political agenda. This has already caused controversy – and it hasn’t helped. The Academy Awards ceremony, for example, has been widely criticized for the lack of diversity among nominees. Critics and audiences have protested, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced “historic” changes. tunai4d The film Parasite became the first foreign film to win a Best Picture Oscar.

Another problem with woke people is that they believe that all men are bad and that all forms of law enforcement are evil. The wokes believe that truth is subjective and that sex is a spectrum. They’ll relentlessly harass and hound anyone who disagrees with them on social media until they’re fired. They’ll also make you cry foul until you get fired or beg for mercy.

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