Why Doesn’t Anyone Open a Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Chain Yet?

There is a growing trend to change the way we eat by starting a fast food chain that features healthy foods, but why doesn’t anyone do it yet? One company that tries to do this is the Heartwise chain. Their menu consists of low-fat breakfast burritos, chicken sandwiches, salads, noodles, and vegetarian sloppy joes. One of their best-selling menu items is the vegetarian sloppy joe, which is made from sauced soy protein. But this approach hasn’t caught on in the broader market, and the company has been trying for years to introduce healthier menu items to their existing menus, with mixed results. Ultimately, they remove these menu items as more people complain about the food quality

While traditional fast food companies are desperate to gain customers and market share, they are not embracing the changing consumer preferences. Millennials are turning to healthier alternatives, such as Dig Inn and By Chloe. Health-centred fast food companies are creating their own niche, focusing on organic, locally-sourced meals. And they are attracting millennials, as well. But how do they succeed

There are a handful of reasons why it’s important to introduce healthy fast food restaurants in the market. First, healthy fast food restaurants can compete with established fast food brands. By offering low-calorie menus at affordable prices, these chains can compete with legacy brands. And with their growing popularity, they could potentially expand nationwide in a few years. Salad and Go, for instance, offers 48-ounce salads for $6, soups for $4, and breakfast items around $4. The concept is similar to the drive-through format of traditional fast food chains. And they want to make the ordering process as fast as possible. As of today, Salad and Go has six locations in Arizona and plans to expand into other states by 2020.

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