Why Are Health and Fitness Products Fat Centric?

We’ve all heard about the unhealthy obsession with body fat in health and fitness programs, but how are we supposed to combat this societal ill? In this article, I’ll explain why so many of these programs and products are fat centric. The health and fitness industry is not alone. Women are often discriminated against in male-dominated gyms, and fat communities face constant microaggressions in their fitness spaces. Lastly, people of color must navigate the complexities of physical appearance discrimination in their own culture.

As an advocate for women and people of color, I’m aware of the dangers of traditional thinking in the health and fitness industry. I’m also aware of the impact this thinking has on the mental health of those who are marginalized. The fitness industry, diet industry, and gyms all promote messages that may have dangerous consequences for people suffering from eating disorders. We have to question this culture and push back against it.

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