Which Episode of Law and Order Was the Worst?

Despite its solid foundation, “Law and Order” isn’t without its share of flaws. Season 10’s “Gunshow” was a particularly horrifying episode. It featured a man who went on a shooting rampage in Central Park, killing five people in the process. The episode aired five months after the deadly Columbine high school shooting. Although the episode didn’t focus on the school shooting, it did touch on it.

Despite its often-controversial subject matter, “Law and Order” is a show about the powerful and the rich. Many plotlines have focused on wealthy families or privileged individuals. For example, in one episode, two families attempted to merge by marriage. Another had a boyfriend who murdered his girlfriend. The series is also notorious for taking sides on complex issues. Here are five episodes that stand out in our minds as the worst nobkin

The episode also has some of the show’s most memorable moments. In a memorable episode, Curtis and Briscoe play criminals who use charm and narcissism to convince people that they’re innocent. While the scene itself isn’t overly sexual, it’s still a memorable episode. A few episodes later, a sexy episode follows, as the defendant tries to seduce a female juror.

Which episode of Law and Order was the worst season? This season, “Damaged,” tackled issues surrounding transgender people. The storyline follows three high school boys accused of sexually assaulting a young girl with an intellectual disability. As a result, the episode spirals when the attorneys for the boys claim they didn’t know the girl’s disability and she says she enjoyed the encounter. The episode’s sensitive subject matter and affecting cast makes it worth watching.


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