What Is Valid Opposition to Charter Schools?

If you are in the middle of the debate over whether charter schools are good for kids, you should know that a lot of Democrats have come out against them. That is understandable, as Democrats want to keep the teachers’ unions loyal to them. Between 2004 and 2016, donations to Democratic parties from teachers’ unions increased from $4.3 million to $32 million. But while these donations are a legitimate part of political life, they are also a form of smear, since they equate to a vote for Democrats. Charter schools are taking away students’ money from traditional public schools, which will affect the salaries of unionized teachers, as less students will mean less jobs for them.

Opponents of charter schools point out that minority enrollment is higher in public schools than in charter schools, and that these schools are more racially segregated than traditional public schools. While the two issues are closely related, reducing school segregation does not mean improving quality for minority students. This is one reason why the NAACP boosted the No on 2 campaign last fall. They called for a national moratorium on expanding charter schools, and improved accountability.Read More About: blastace

In recent years, public opinion about charter schools has become increasingly polarized along ideological lines. However, a 2002 Michigan survey revealed a lack of ideological polarization. More liberals opposed charter schools while conservatives supported them. The opposite happened in New York City, where only 15% of liberals supported them. And, of course, many people opposed charter schools in their own community. And only a small percentage of conservatives opposed them.

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