What is the lefts position on charter schools

There is a great deal of debate about the right and lefts positions on charter schools. The left has a disproportionately negative opinion of charter schools while Black and Latino Democrats are largely in favor of them. Charter schools are a hot topic in the Democratic Party because upscale progressives, while caring about minority kids, also think that better schools aren’t going to solve our problems. In fact, one former charter school donor, Nick Hanauer, argues that education alone won’t fix America’s economic problems.

The Democratic Party is divided on this issue. The Lefts support charter schools. But the Right is in opposition. In 2010, the Democratic Party lifted the cap on charter schools in Michigan, but it later rescinded that decision. This was a blow to the charter school movement, which has a proven track record of helping low-income children. In the 2020 platform, they call for more strict guardrails, increased accountability, and conditional federal funding.

What is the lefts position on charter schools, then? The Left’s position on charter schools is complicated. The rich people who operate them are mostly philanthropic. Progressives understand that these billionaires are supporting causes they believe in. But they don’t like the fact that many of these people are not unionized. As a result, they’re often suspicious of the charter school movement and the money that supports it.

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