What can I do with acne caused by makeup?

“The face must be decorated, Masks must be worn” Trouble problems of girls This era is not always wearing a hygienic mask. But because of the persistently diligent clogged acne that is clearly seen, such as inflamed acne on the cheek jawline and chin This could be caused by a combination of several factors. Whether it is dampness from wearing a mask for a long time Mask and skin friction Especially if the mask doesn’t fit on your face, you have to move often. more sarcastic If you’re exposed to hot weather too, your body will produce more sweat and oil from your skin. It’s more humid, dust, dirt can easily come onto the skin. This causes bacteria to multiply and grow in the hair follicles. become clogged acne

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 Especially girls who like to wear makeup out of the house. If the product used contains oil or substances that cause clogging of the pores. The more likely it is to clog up acne easily. Another way to help prevent clogged acne from turning into inflamed acne is. Must wash your face thoroughly. It looks like a simple method, but “Have you really washed your face?” Because washing your face is not clean, it is a major cause of acne, acne inflammation as well as washing your face the wrong way. Scrubbing too hard can cause bruising and acne.

Cleaning the skin properly Not harsh on the face Choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type, not picking, peeling, scratching or squeezing, which can cause more inflamed acne. But if you’ve done all that, it’s still not getting better. may have to rely on products that help take care of acne problems such as cleansing gel, acne gel, including various acne products. That helps acne Today we would like to introduce the brand Oxe’cure products that can help take care of acne for all women.

Oxe’cure Facial Acne Lotion: clear acne lotion

Oxe Cure Acne Lotion products Oxe Cure’s unique formula contains important substances such as Salicylic Acid to reduce inflammation of the skin. Help repair the skin through stimulating the production of collagen under the skin layer. And extracts from mangosteen peel reduce the accumulation of P.acne, the bacteria that cause acne. The main culprit that causes the infection to become inflamed. Prevent the occurrence of new acne

Oxe’cure Facial Acne Lotion also contains important ingredients such as Bearberry extract, which contains Arbutin, helps to brighten the skin tone and fade dark spots or freckles, while Jojoba Oil helps to cool the skin. As well as reducing redness from skin irritation, Witch Hazel serves to repair damaged skin. Reduce swelling and redness and reduce the accumulation of bacteria. Most importantly, it is also free of parabens, fragrances and oils. Does not cause irritation after use and with the product’s texture as a clear lotion So can point acne during the day. Points over cosmetics. Don’t worry about applying it often. and the skin will become dry because of the moisturizer, so it helps nourish the skin to be moist. Tested by the Dermscan Asia Institute that it does not cause irritation.

Oxe’cure Acne Clear Potion: Pink Water Powder Formula

Pink water powder to clear acne problems, new formula from Japan, gentle formula, suitable for sensitive skin. Prone to acne and sensitive skin with Salicylic Acid 2% to stimulate collagen production and tighten pores for clear, smooth skin. And various effective ingredients like Zinc PCA control excess oil on the skin. Reduce the emergence of acne. Vitamin B3 helps the skin to be healthy. Protects the skin from external factors, Aloe Vera Extract relieves the symptoms of inflamed skin. including alleviating allergies or irritation. It doesn’t make my skin dry too. Hydroxydecanoic Acid and with innovative Encapsulated Multi-Acne Care from Japan. Which is a capsule that is rich in various extracts, controls oil, reduces the accumulation of bacteria. which is one of the causes of acne thus helping to prevent new acne breakouts. and also nourish the skin not to be dull It is also free from parabens, fragrances and oils.

Oxe’cure Acne Clear Powder Mud: Mud Powder Formula

The efficiency of “OxeCure Acne Clear Powder Mud” is the same as “OxeCure Acne Clear Potion” because it uses the same formula. The difference is that the texture is muddy for people with acne problems. Suitable for carrying and can also be masked all over the face all night without washing out. It is a gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin as well. Because it is free from fragrances, oils and parabens.

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