Top 11 Foods to Improve Your Bone Health

Poor food and lifestyle choices have caused many people to suffer from soft, weak, and brittle bones. Regarding food choices, people are prone to consuming refined carbs and junk foods. The result is poor health and brittle bones.

Furthermore, poor bone health can lead to other health issues, such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. These conditions cause the bones to break and fracture as people grow older. Affected people might also experience severe pain radiating through their bones – especially in their legs and hips.

Fortunately, natural methods other than treatment, therapy, and medicine can help you strengthen your bones. For instance, you might want to consume more vitamins and minerals from healthy foods.

We also have the availability of food supplements in the form of gummies. For instance, CBD gummies are good for joint support apart from rendering other health benefits, such as improved sleep and stress relief. Check out the link and order your little boost of wellness today!

Apart from supplements, you can immensely improve your bone health by consuming the following superfoods:

Green Veggies

Leafy green veggies are the best natural sources of vitamin C, which is essential for your body to produce collagen. Collagen isn’t only essential for better skin and to keep wrinkles away, but it is also crucial for providing support for the framework of your bones and joints.

By consuming more green veggies, you can prevent fractures and joint pain. Green leafy veggies also contain bioavailable calcium, which is good for your bones.


You might have heard that eating one apple a day can keep the doctor away. That said, if you want to reduce or keep bone pain away, all you need to do is to eat one avocado daily.

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats that can help you ease joint and bone pain by lowering inflammation. Avocados are also one of the best natural sources of boron. In case you haven’t heard about this mineral before – it is a trace mineral, which is very potent for minimizing joint and bone pain.

And unbeknownst to many – you can also consume avocado seeds.


Eggs are high in proteins and fats, which are mandatory for strong bones. However, while purchasing eggs, you should focus on buying pasture-raised eggs. The proteins and fats obtained from organic eggs can help build collagen and bone tissues.

The egg yolk contains vitamin D, which assists the bones in absorbing minerals.

Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are a good source to help with any existing bone problems, as more zinc is required. Pumpkin seeds contain the mineral which is crucial to healing damaged bone tissues. As one of the best natural sources of zinc, pumpkin seeds promote bone regeneration and the healing of bone tissues.


Speaking of zinc, another amazing source of zinc is oysters. You can also consume crab meat, shellfish, clams, and mussels for zinc and trace minerals. You might want to soak your seafood in a splash of vinegar before eating.

Doing so will make the trace minerals more available for your stomach to absorb.

Salmon is an oily fish that is enriched with bone-boosting nutrients. Salmon is also an amazing source of vitamin D, which helps our bones to absorb calcium. You might already know that fish is high in Omega-3, which contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is mandatory for excellent joint and bone health.

Sesame Seeds

Another type of seed that is good for strong bones is sesame seeds. You can add sesame seeds to different recipes and avail yourself of their benefits. For instance, you might want to add two tablespoons of raw sesame seeds to your soups and salads.

Sesame seeds are a superfood that is loaded with magnesium. Magnesium is a key mineral that helps the human body absorb calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D to strengthen and heal bones.

High-Quality Cheese

For strengthening your bones, you might want to consume high-quality cheese – ideally, the cheese that comes from goat milk or grass-fed cow. The cheese that is obtained from these sources is loaded with phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin K2.

The nutrients obtained from high-quality cheese are essential for the mineralizing and hardening of your bones.

Bone Broth

If you are looking for one of the most potent things to consume for strong bones and joints – then look no further – bone broth it is. Usually, bone broth is prepared from boiled animal bones, which is why it is rich in calcium and collagen.

As mentioned before, collagen is necessary for building bone and joint tissues, while the calcium obtained from the bone broth is crucial for strengthening the bones and joint tissues.


In order to strengthen your bones, you will want to consume one small handful of almonds each day. By doing so, you will definitely improve your physical health rapidly. These nuts are a great source of phosphorus, which works with calcium to build stronger bones.

Don’t forget that your bones are living tissues, so you will nourish your bones throughout life by consuming healthy foods.


Moringa is trending nowadays because of its amazing health benefits. Also termed the drumstick tree, moringa is ideally used to boost one’s overall health. You can add moringa to delicious food recipes and also consume it with beverages.

Moringa is an excellent source of magnesium and calcium, which are essential for strengthening the bones.


Research shows that cherry juice and cherry can reduce the potential risk of bone loss with age. Cherry juice or cherry can help diminish joint pain – especially when one is suffering from arthritis. This way, cherries can help the stones to grow stronger without getting affected by age.

The Takeaway

As you might have already gotten the idea – you can eat many superfoods to support stronger and healthier bones. So, try eating a mixture of these foods and see the benefits, as the mentioned foods are also beneficial for your teeth, hair, and nails. Apart from making the right food choices, you must also focus on regular physical exercise to keep fit and healthy.

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