Is the MFine App Reliable to Book Health Test Packages at Home?

Is the MFine app reliable for booking health test packages at home? Let’s find out. Users have been raving about this app, and the developers have also received positive feedback. The app allows users to book an appointment at home with a health care specialist, and they can also ask any questions in real time. It’s also possible to book lab tests for various health conditions without having to visit a diagnostic center. In case a time slot is booked and the health checkup goes awry, the MFine representative will let you know right away.

The MFine app’s growth has been impressive. The company has already grown 15 percent month-on-month, and it’s part of the explosion in telemedicine and digital health in India. MFine is investing heavily in technology, and recently launched a SPO2 monitoring app. It has reached 250,000 users and is extending the app’s SPO2 tool to monitor blood pressure and heart rate.

The app also allows patients to download and view their test results online. It offers access to over 2,000 health test packages. Moreover, you can choose the doctor and the region of treatment and schedule your health tests from the comfort of your home. You can also chat privately with registered doctors and get free consultations. All this will allow you to save time and money on traveling to the doctor’s office.

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