How to Avoid Food Poisoning in India

Traveling to India, you may wonder how to avoid getting food poisoning. Indian cuisine is not as cheap as it sounds and you may have to eat street food on a daily basis. However, street food in India is not safe, so you should always be cautious about the food you eat. Although the hygiene in fine restaurants is better, you should still avoid meat, as it can be prepared wrongly.

Avoid eating street food if you are prone to stomach upsets and diarrhea. Eat light meals at regular intervals, alternately alternating between fried and steamed foods. Be wary of groundnuts and mustard, which are often found in Indian street food. If you have an allergy, always carry medication to treat it in case of an allergic reaction. If you have severe stomach problems, it’s a good idea to drink fizzy drinks to reduce the acidity.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling street food. Most people will assume that the last meal they ate made them sick. However, different foodborne bacteria and viruses take different amounts of time to cause symptoms. While you may think you have eaten contaminated food, it is still a good idea to wash your hands after touching money. By washing your hands after handling money, you’ll avoid a lot of foodborne diseases.

Coconut water is an excellent choice for hydration and stomach soothing. Coconut stalls can be found on every street corner and can be opened to reveal the coconut meat. But make sure to use a knife to cut a hole in the coconut, as the knife used by vendors might be dirty. Charcoal tablets are effective for preventing diarrhea and preventing dysentery. Charcoal tablets help absorb toxins and help you recover quickly from food poisoning.

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