Do Charter Schools Pay Teachers More?

Some teachers wonder whether they should work for a traditional public school or a charter school. They wonder if charter schools offer better working conditions and more opportunities. While both types of schools have their own pros and cons, it will help to consider the advantages of each before choosing to teach at a charter school. The pros of a charter school over a traditional public school are discussed below. While fewer students attend a charter school, it is important to note that class sizes in a public school are typically larger.

As for teacher salaries, they vary widely. New York City charter schools have promised to pay their teachers $125,000 and bonus based on schoolwide performance. That’s almost twice the typical salary in the city and 2.5 times the national average. Charter school teachers at the Washington Heights school earn almost twice as much as those at traditional public schools. In addition, the schools have some of the highest academic achievement in the country. However, these pay differences are not universal. The difference between a charter school and a traditional public school may be small in one area, while a large district might be large in another.

Public school teachers have to be certified to teach at a public school. Teachers in charter schools can teach without certification in certain circumstances. In Missouri, for example, they may be allowed to teach in an uncertified setting as long as they have five years of experience. However, in New Hampshire, all teachers must have training and experience appropriate to their role in a public school. In other states, teachers are required to get teacher certification. This means that the teachers at a public school are more qualified than those in a charter school.

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