Cardio Exercises That Involve Mostly Hands

Performing cardiovascular exercises is an excellent way to build up the body’s temperature and deliver blood to muscles. In addition to being an excellent cardiovascular workout, cardio also helps the body prepare mentally for training. It also helps release synovial fluid from joints. To get the most out of cardiovascular exercise, you can try bodyweight moves. Try performing the dead bug, spider-man with rotation, and inchworms. Jumping jacks are a great cardiovascular exercise for beginners, as they can be performed almost anywhere.

The hand chop is an exercise that uses both hands and involves jumping in the air. Rather than using your arms, you will use your whole body to do it. Jumping is a high-impact exercise, but you can also do it by using only your hands. Just make sure to keep your heart rate high, and do your best to keep a steady pace. Landing softly on your feet will also increase control and reduce impact on joints.

A high-rep lunge combines the benefits of lunges and jumps. Start by bending your knees, then pointing your feet forward. You should engage your core, brace your shoulders, and swing your arms back, all while jumping. Box jumps are another great cardiovascular exercise, but they require more core engagement. Jumping jacks require knee-high boxes, and your feet should be hip-width.

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